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We are the only Green Circle Certified Salon on Cape Cod.This is a state of the art recycling program that allows us to recycle 99% of our salon waste including hair foils, gloves left over, product bottles adn containers, etc..

We offer certified organic and natural products and services. We check all of our products through the Skin Deep database to ensure they are organic, non-toxic and safe to use on everyone in your household. 99% of our products are U.S.A. made and sourced as locally as possible.

  • Neuma (U.S.A.) Certified Organic shampoo and conditioner styling products, cruelty free and vegan
  • All Nutrient (U.S.A.) Certified Organic, non G.M.O. corn oil base and other certified oils and ingredients. The line itself is not certififed it legally cannot be due to the chemical change involved in oxidation. But they got as close as possible, cruelty-free, vegan and gluten-free
  • Light Mountain Henna (U.S.A.) (India) Certified 100% Organic Henna powder, cruelty-free and vegan
  • Bubble and Bee Organics (U.S.A.) Certified Organic deodorant, shower gel, lotions, lip gloss and cruelty-free
  • Andalou Naturals Certified Organic (U.S.A.) ingredients up to 95% non G.M.O., project verified, cruelty-free, gluten-free and vegan
  • Sleepy Hollow Botanicals (U.S.A.) is a natural product that contains wonderful natural ingredients, is oil-free and can be used as a “no poo”. This is a vegan and cruelty-free product but not organic
  • Earth Spirit Organics (Canada) This product line is 100% Certified Organic and non-toxic for your and the environment. They use purified glacier water (Dr. Emoto method) with proprietary crystal vortex silver enhancement process. This means the water used in composition of the product can clean and reconstitute any water system it is introduced back into. It actually improves the water system, table or aquifer and septic system
  • Sophi is five free, non-toxic adn odorless nail polish. System Five Free being: DiButly Phthalate free, Toluene free, Folmaldehyde free, Fomalpettyderesin free, Camphor free
  • Piggy Paint for kids is completely non-toxic “as mud”, is a Five Free and odorless kids nail polish system
  • OPI Infinite Shine is 3 Free adn also rates well on the Skin Deep database. This has the wear of a gel without the application and renoval issues




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1. if you are more than 15 minutes late with no phone call or notice we will have to reshcedule you for another time or day entirely.
2.if we are squeezing you into an already busy day you may have to wait and unspecified amount of time usually no less than 15 minutes or no longer than a half hour. we appreciate your patience in this instance. shows will never be charged a fee for a service that has not been rendered BUT we reserve the right to book around your apointment in case of no show and also we will no longer book you during specialized appointment days ex. mondays or after hours appointments.
4. Pre booking appointments is highly recommended! epsecially if you need a specific day and time and we offer a 5% percent discount every prebooked appointment. We can not in any way EVER reschedule other peoples appointments to accomodate others we operate on a first come first serve basis.
1. we take all credit cards,checks and cash always.
- for security we can not accept bills larger than 50 dollars
-we do not accept travellers checks
-owner of the credit card must be present at time of use we require a signature NO pin numbers.
2.we do not haggle on our prices the set price is expected to be paid at the time of service we can not run TABS no exceptions.
3.we DO charge a returned check fee of $25.00 for all returned checks. we DO NOT have any judgement of you whatsoever in this situation. poop happens.

1.Excellent customer service is our top priority treating clients with respect and kindness is a must that being said we expect the same level of respect from you. the customer is always right unless you become emotionally or physically abusive,irate,or destrcutive if you come in anebriated or stoned to the point of being disruptive or abusive to the stylists or other clients we reserve the right to ask you to leave the salon at any point during a service and possibly most likely to never come back. in .we love our clients but need to protect our stylist too! we have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for physical or emotional abuse, SEXUAL harrasment phyical or emotional, HATE SPEECH, body shaming,fat shaming, religion shaming, tattoo shaming,race shamming, income shaming.or INTELLECT shaming .spending money here does not in any way give you the right to touch,abuse,or harrass sexually or other wise our stylsits. if you can not behave you are not dire situations police force may be called in.
2.For safety of our disabled guests in wheelchairs we ask that in severe mobility needs if they need help transffering from wheel chair to sink than to salon chair and need to be lifted that the family member,friend or caregiver with them please help them in and out of the chairs. the stylists are not properly trained to do this some not physically capable and we do not want to cause pain or grief or a potential fall. thank you for your patience and understanding in this instance.
3.bathrooms are for customers of the salon only, NO PUBLIC RESTROOMS. unfotunately we must inforce this at all times for safety of our clients, stylists and property.
4.we DO NOT have more than $100 dollars on the property at any time.
5. we DO have security cameras all over and through out the salon in operation 24 hours a day 7 a week and can be monitored at locations other than the salon at any given time.

1.if for some reason you are not satisfied with your serivice hair,nails or other we need to hear from you with in one week of your service date even if you can not phisically come in with in the week, we need a phone call from you with in a weeks time and let us know what the issue may be EX:. it is still to long ,want bangs shorter. the color is tad off. at that time we can determine a time for you to come back and we can see the issue in person and make the adjustment at no charge to you. if you refuse to come in and let us see the issue or wait 3, 5,6,8 weeks to come back you will be charged for a full color or haircut service at that point you have lived with it for a month have grown for a month it is not longer a quick adjustment it is a new service.
2. reinbursments or discounts are given at the stylists descretion we reserve the right to determine the proper situation and the right reinbursement these are given in situations where maybe we were running late or made a mistake in your appointment time or day,had tecnical issues in the salon . not services but issues with other parts of the salon issue.
3. refunds are only given in the dire event that option one or two can not rectify the situation if it is a severe technical issue or if you do not want an adjustment or a reimbursment of some kind and you are completely unhappy with your service or the service in any way and you do not wish to return to the salon we will give you a full refund. refunds are to given by the managers descretion only. and issues must be brought to our attention immediately with in one week of service.

we would like to stress we are human we are not robots.
1 We try very hard to replicate our work but potentially we can not cut it exactly the same to the milimeter everytime there is always potentional slight fluctuations in length, style, or color or other service this is expected . if you try something new cut or color that was not what you expected . this does not merit a refund or reinbursment .or lets say the bangs were a little long or the color was a little dark last time well that can be fixed with in the week if you waited to come back in it clearly was not devastating issue so we adjust during current appointment.
2.we potentially can run long on appointments especially with new clients an hour and a half can easily become 2 hours if we do not have all the facts when booking your appointment ex. hair length, thinckness, texture or condition can greatly affect the time alotted for your service.please be honest about this info when booking. no refunds or reinmbursments are given for long running appointments we do not rush our stylist and you should not either.
3. please DO disclose all information we ask for including color service history in or out of the salon BOX COLOR can greatly infuluence the outcome of your service and can create issues during service so please be totally honest with us! we can not quarentee service quality if we do not know what is in your hair.


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1: Our mission is to offer Oganic healthy non toxic hair services, and products at affordable heatlhy prices, in a happy, open minded ,safe space, judgement free, relaxing,warm,welcoming,free thinking,atmospere. while protecting our extremely fragile and precious environment and water table.Excellent customer service is our utmost priority for EVERYONE!. regardless of class,income,skin color, religion,gender,size,shape,gender affiliation,political affiliation,attire,tattoos,body modification,hair color ,car you drive,how many houses you have or do not have,or any other ilifestyle society may deem an issue .EVEYONE deserves hair care and EVERYONE deserves healthy non toxic options at affordable prices that are good for you and provide a healthy living wage for our stylists.
2: The Environment is only second to comfort of our clients but is also of the utmost priority. we vow and strive to leave a very low carbon footprint. we vow to source products as locally as possible and vow that the companies,distributors, and vendors we use are also like minded in production,distriution,and protection of the enivronment. we vow to recycle 99% of our waste output we vow to always be green circle certified.we vow to use only green energy.
3: We believe that EVERYONE is beautiful! our extremely talented stylists are here merely to embellish what you already have! we will work with what you have and strive to make you feel amazingly good as well as look gorgeous because that to us is as important if not more so.we do not do fake hair,lashes,nails,eyebrows, we do not think you need it! we strive make you gorgeous outside and feel excellent too.
4: we vow to be a postitive productive part of society and our small town commuinitys.we are happy to help out wherever we can with charities, foundations, fundraisers,auctions and any other philanthropic venue.we are happy to volunteer not just funidng but time as well. we will happily use our skills to do the same.
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BIG HAPPY NEW SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT!! : we Now offer Gel nail service! BIO SULPTURE NAILS is a 10 free ,non toxic, and totally odorless! it has a 5 star safety rating,and lasts twice as long as standard gel! also only a 20 minute soak off time or 5 minutes a layer with their odorless non acetone remover(no soaking in acetone) only 30 seconds curing time per layer! i am stoked about this product! our start date for offering these services is going to be september 15th Please book now and ask for KERI!.
SPECIAL WELCOME OFFER: the first 10 people to book will get a GORGEOUS gel manicure fo $10.00
if you are one of those lucky 10 people and love the service you will get a $5.00 coupon for every person you recomend .no limit!
this product! is gorgeous!!
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